150+ Best Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

Though William Shakespeare may have been an acclaimed playwright and poet, many people don’t know that he also had some pretty smooth pickup lines up his sleeve. In fact, there are several lines throughout his work that would make the perfect complement to your flirting skills! If you’re in the mood to impress with some classic literature, try out one of these Shakespeare pick up lines on your crush the next time you get together – they’ll love it!

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Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

  • I am as mute as night
  • Your favors have fallen like dew upon me
  • My arms shall be your sanctuary
  • She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won (Henry VI)
  • Let me but touch the white pillows of your
  • You guild my praises far above my deserts
  • Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow (Romeo and Juliet)
  • When you do dance, I wish you a wave o’ the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that. Probably only useful after chasing down someone who’s just come off the dancefloor.
  • Let me seal my vowed faith on your lips
  • Welcome, as light to day, as health to sick men
  • Et tu, Cutie?
  • O! Prithee sitteth upon my visage, and perchance to let me divine thy weight.
  • Is this a dagger I see before me? Nay! Im merely happy to cast eyes upon thy beauty!
  • I want no part of welcome but your wished presence
  • Shall I compare thee to a summers day? (Sonnet 18)
  • If I said you were the most beautified, would you say that beautified was a vile phrase?
  • You wear a snowy livery
  • Sweet as the breath o flutes, or love’s deliciousness
  • Her name like some celestial fire quickens my spirit
  • There’s music in her smiles
  • The fault is not in our stars but in your eyes. I mean, the stars are in your eyes. Or something.
  • Your words are Delphian oracles
  • What a pretty thing man is when he goes in his doublet and hose and leaves off his wit! (Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Of course, Romeo and Gertrude is just a working title. I might be persuaded to change it for you, MLady.
  • As glorious as the noon-tide sun
  • Your example steers me
  • I am proud to please you
  • I’d LIKE for YOU to PLEASE go OUT with ME. Ever been picked up in iambic pentameter before?
  • Your breath casts sweet perfumes
  • Come woo me, woo me, for I am in a holiday humour and like enough to consent. (As You Like It)
  • Your title far exceeds my worth
  • I do love nothing in the world so well as you (Much Ado about Nothing)
  • Your words have charmed my soul
  • I’ll bathe my lips in rosy dews of kisses
  • Shall I compare thee to a brick outhouse?
  • I am a castaway in love
  • Sweet and delicious is the feast of love
  • You are the miracle of friendship
  • I bet your phone number ends in 1599 because that’s the most probable date for the composition of As You Like It.
  • Midnight would blush at this
  • If you were a statue, I’d wish I were Leontes and you were Hermione, who was pretending to be dead for sixteen years. And not really a statue at all.
  • I will repay your love with usury
  • You make my faith to stagger
  • I do beseech you – chiefly that I may set it in my prayers – what is your name? (The Tempest)
  • I will unripe my very bosom to you
  • diamond are not more pure than she
  • Hey, Baby, can Ophelia up?
  • When you do dance, I wish you were a wave o’ the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that. (The Winter’s Tale)

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Romantic Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Shakespeare Pick Up LinesPin
  • Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind (A Midsummer Nights Dream)
  • Your favors I did taste in great abundance
  • Women are angels clad in flesh
  • But soft, what light through yonder trousers breaks?
  • Greetings to you, fair sailor.
  • It is a paradise enjoying you
  • Sure winter dwells upon your lip, the snow is not more cold
  • I wear you in my heart
  • I pray you, do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine (As You Like It)
  • I see your wit is as nimble as your tongue
  • How about a little Puck?
  • You are the star I reach at
  • Make me companion of your cares
  • Virtue goes with you
  • Goodness and virtue are your near acquaintances
  • If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down. Especially useful when your target gives off that “recently broke up with somebody” vibe.
  • You. Me. Dance floor. Now. Don’t give me no ado about nothing.
  • I’d rather compare thee to a summer’s NIGHT, if you don’t mind and if you get my meaning.
  • I’ll play at kisses with you
  • Do me, or not do me. THAT is the question.
  • Who ever loved that loved not at first sight? Yeah, I’ve heard you want to be careful starting out with the L word.
  • Your wit hath too much edge
  • O I shall rob you of too much sweetness
  • God hath given you one face, but you made yourself another. You didn’t need to. I mean, the first one was fine.
  • You have the power to sway me as you please
  • My genius and yours are friends
  • It is a confidence that well becomes you
  • You’re like a good production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You both have a nice Bottom.
  • I have no faculty which is not yours.
  • Inherit your desires
  • You are full of fair desert
  • Mine eyes have feasted on your beauteous face
  • I’ll chronicle your virtues
  • Your fingers are made to quaver on a lute, your arms to hang about a lady’s neck
  • naked breasts
  • You wrap me up in wonder
  • I, like a child, will go by your directions
  • My wish requires you

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Cheesy Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

Flirty Shakespeare Pick Up LinesPin
Flirty Shakespeare Pick Up Lines
  • My duty binds me to obey you ever
  • You are the userer of fame
  • You understand not the language of my intent
  • You, like a comet, do attract all eyes
  • There’s nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so – and I’m thinking you look good.
  • You have witchcraft in your lips (Henry VI)
  • You have made me sick with passion
  • The sun never met the summer with more joy
  • Ever seen a beast with two backs? Want to help me make one?
  • My tongue speaks the freedom of my heart
  • You cannot tempt me, Siren
  • You are a flame of beauty
  • Let me perish in your presence
  • You must know Shakespeare ’cause my heart just did a swan dive. Because he’s, like, called the Swan of Avon sometimes. Get it?
  • If I start behaving like an ass, will you start behaving like Titania?
  • Let’s go back to my place and tear some sheets, Doll!
  • You are the rising sun which I adore
  • I noticed you hitting it off with that fair youth. Care to make it a three-way?
  • The unblown rose, the crystal nor the
  • There is no treasure on Earth like her
  • It is no pilgrimage to travel to your lips
  • Now is the winter of my discontent. Won’t you make it glorious summer by going out with me?
  • They must have left the gates of purgatory open—look who walked out! Besides Hamlet’s dad, I mean.

Flirty Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

Short Shakespeare Pick Up LinesPin
  • Your compliments call your faith in question
  • You have a face where all good seems to dwell
  • Hi. My name is Julius, and when I saw you, I said to myself, “Julius, seize her!”
  • Reward stays for you
  • If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep! (Twelfth Night)
  • I would not wish any companion in the world but you.
  • Wouldst thou away to yon Motel 6 with me?
  • Your love outstrips my merit
  • O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?- Romeo and Juliet
  • Hey, that guy de Vere wrote you this sonnet and told me to put my name on it. No, wait, no he didn’t, he’s dead.
  • You are a noble giver
  • My boldness wants excuse
  • You are the only anchor of my hopes
  • Wouldst thou care to join me in forming the beast with two backs?
  • Your tongue is oiled with courtly flatteries
  • My heart, it pines, as my trousers tent.
  • Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again. (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Give me leave to waken your memory
  • You are a white enchantress, lady. You can enchain me with a smile.
  • Let men that hope to be beloved be bold
  • Give me a naked lady in a net of gold
  • By you, like your shade, I’ll ever dwell

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Short Shakespeare Pick Up Lines

  • You look like an angel. Or at least a minister of grace.
  • I don’t want to brag, but I did once hear my last girlfriend referring to our sex life as the “sound and the fury.” I didn’t catch what she said after that. Or immediately before.
  • The very instant that I saw you did my heart fly to your service.
  • As you have virtue, speak it
  • I prize your love above all the gold in wealthy Indies arms
  • You speak the courtier’s dialect
  • As kind as the sun to the newborn spring
  • O, somebody bring me a bucket of water ’cause I just found my muse of fire! Hey, baby, did you ever ascend the brightest heaven of invention?
  • Your heart’s desires be with you!
  • A kiss is but a minute’s joy
  • They are in the very wrath of love, and they will together; clubs cannot part them. (As you Like It)
  • I sacrifice to you the incense of my thanks
  • Without thine companionship, dear lady, I fearest Id spend the evening with pen in hand, if thou knows what I mean.
  • Let me share your thoughts
  • I’ll pay the tribute of my love to you
  • Can I just tell you, your eyes are nothing like the sun. And what’s up with that wiry head of hair you got going on? Wait, where you going? Come back, it gets better! Your breath reeks! Call me!
  • If I whispered in thine ear that thou hadst a body of beauty unknown but to the heavens, wouldst thou hold it against me?
  • Your words like music please me
  • Your eyes are orbs of stars
  • To be or not to be? With you, the former. Without you, the latter.
  • My entertainment hath confirmed my welcome

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