49 Best Animal Pick Up Lines

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best animal pick up lines that are sure to make heads turn and hearts flutter. Whether you’re at a party, a bar, or even on a dating app, these lines are guaranteed to pique interest and make a memorable impression. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Best Animal Pick Up Lines

As humans, we often find humor and charm in unexpected places, and animal pick up lines are no exception. These playful and often pun-filled lines bring a touch of the wild to the realm of romance, offering a unique and entertaining approach to breaking the ice.

Whether you’re a lover of the animal kingdom or just someone looking to add a bit of zoological flair to your pickup game, these Animal pick up lines are sure to make you smile and perhaps even earn a few laughs from your potential mate.

  • Hey girl, are you a marsupial? Because it looks like we can spend some koalaty time with each other.
  • Penguins are monogamous, which means that they stay with one partner throughout their entire life. Will you like to be my penguin?
  • Hey girl, do you happen to be a shark by any chance, because I have a few swimmers for you that you can swallow.
  • Hey girl, if I were an octopus, all of my three hearts would be filled with nothing but love for you.
  • Hello there, do you happen to be a cat by any chance? Because I find you way too purrfect.
  • Hey girl, do you know how much is the weight of a polar bear on average? Well, I do not know either, but I assume they are heavy enough to break the ice. So, what is your name?
  • Hey baby, is your mother a chicken? Because you look in-peck-able.
  • You remind me of the cute puppies at the pet adoption centers because, girl, I want you to take you home with me so bad!
  • I would really love it if you came to my place this weekend if toucan.
  • If I told you that you have really beautiful fur, what are the chances that will be held against me by you?
  • You and I would make a beautiful pair of lovebirds.
  • Wait a minute, did you kiss a frog anytime recently? That would explain why I am standing right in front of you here.
  • It is hunting season at the moment, and you are one hell of a fox. Let me take you back to my place so that I can keep you safe.
  • Hey girl, are you a cat by any chance? Because I want you to sleep on top of me in my bed every night.
  • Let us bring our dogs to the dog park for a puppy play date, but while they are busy, we can have our own little date as well so that we do not get jealous. Sounds good for the weekend?
  • Trust me, and if you happened to be a farmer, I would have no problem with letting you choke my chicken.
  • Trust me, baby, if I were a little puppy, you would be my favorite treat of all.

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Funny Animal Pick Up Lines

Imagine a world where love takes flight on the wings of clever Animal pick up lines. From the majestic eagle to the charming hummingbird, the avian world offers a feathered plethora of inspiration for those seeking to infuse their romantic interactions with a touch of whimsy. Whether you’re chatting up a potential partner at a social gathering or trying your luck on a dating app, these Animal Pick Up lines might just help you soar to new heights in the game of love.

Funny Animal Pick Up LinesPin
  • We might not be in a butterfly garden, but they still appear in my tummy every time you look at me.
  • Hey there, you must be a horse, judging from the way to gallop through my mind all day without getting tired in the slightest.
  • Your dog is easily the most beautiful puppy I have seen in a long time. I can clearly tell that she has taken after her owner; I mean, look at you!
  • If you could promise to bear me in a relationship, I promise I would never turn out to be a cheetah.
  • Ever since I found out that you have a dog, I have searched every single dog park on this planet with hopes of finding you.
  • Hey baby, we might not be in an aquarium right now, but you are right in my splash zone, and you need to stay safe.
  • We might not be animals, but you still make me want to perform my mating dance whenever you are around me.
  • Hey girl, if you were a great white shark, I would be willing to sacrifice myself for you to swallow whole.
  • Tell me, baby, if we ever start dating and then break up for some reason, can I still come over every day to pet your dog?
  • I will be completely honest with you right now, half of the reason behind why I decided to text you is that your dog is absolutely adorable, and I want to pet her.
  • Hey girl, if I am a bug, you must be a bright halogen light. Because I am really attracted to you, but you are too hot for me to handle.
  • Whenever you are around me, my heart beats like a rat’s heart. That is about three hundred beats per minute.
  • Hey girl, do you love whales by any chance? Because I think it is a good idea to humpback in my bedroom.
  • Hey baby, how about we play the koala game? You can be the eucalyptus tree, and I will be your koala and hug you as tightly as I can.

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Latest Animal Pick Up Lines

Enter the lush and untamed world of the jungle with animal pick up lines that draw inspiration from the diverse and exotic creatures that inhabit it. From the king of the jungle, the lion, to the stealthy and mysterious panther, these Animal pick up lines playfully incorporate the traits of wild animals to convey affection and attraction.

If you’ve ever wondered how to blend the primal instincts of the animal kingdom with the nuances of human connection, these Animal pick up lines might just be your ticket to a wild and exciting romantic adventure.

Latest Animal Pick Up LinesPin
  • Hey girl, do you happen to be a duck by any chance? Because I am getting addicted to you like a quack.
  • Hey girl, do you like water mammals? Because I can promise you that I am nothing like otter guys.
  • Hey girl, you must be a unicorn because girls as beautiful as you can only possibly exist in fantasies.
  • If I happened to be a monkey, I would love to climb you as often as possible.
  • What are the chances that you and I get together this weekend and get down to some monkey business?
  • Hey girl, I am guessing that you are a beaver because of dam.
  • Trust me, baby, and I have been thinking about you owl day long.
  • If you worked with reptiles at a zoo, I would let you take care of my snake any day of the week.
  • If I could choose to be any animal on earth, I would prefer to be a cat so that I can be with you for all my nine lives.
  • Hey girl, I might not be a cat, but I am a feline like; there is a strong connection between you and me.
  • They saying says that the worms are caught by all the early birds. But trust me, girl, a girl as gorgeous as you can get a bite anytime you the time you wish to, baby.
  • Hey girl, you make me feel like I am a gust of air passing through the nose of a takin, because whenever you are around, you make me feel hot.
  • Hey girl, do you want to play the lion game with me? You get down on all fours and roar like a lion while I start feeding you the meat.
  • Hey girl, do you have a spot on the endangered list by any chance? Because you are truly the only one of your kind.
  • If you were my backyard and I were a dog, I would really dig you.
  • Trust me when I say this, baby, but if I were a spider, I would stare at your beauty with all my eight eyes.
  • You remind me of the championship winner fish. I want to take you back to my bedroom and have you mounted up.
  • Hey girl, are you purebred by any chance? Because you never fail to Russian blue away all the guys that you talk to.

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